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Single Point Management
  • Our customers work with a single point of contact for all phases of their program.

  • Our management team collaborates to identify critical path hurdles and provide innovative and cost effective solutions.

  • All direct and ancillary suppliers are aligned with our customer's goals and expectations.  

  • We coordinate all interested parties for successful tryouts and mold validation.

Single Point Management
Technical Proficiency
  • We utilize Microsoft Project to ensure our customer's plan, progress and budgeting needs are met. 

  • We manage your program and deliver on time using state of the art capacity modeling software and production management processes.

  • Design for Manufacturing process planning provides superior quality original tools.

  • Our team provides technical solutions to ensure optimal part filling, cooling, and warp results.

Technical Proficiency
Customer Focused
  • Highly trained, technically oriented individuals present innovative solutions to keep our customers ahead of their competition. 

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) and Tier supplier standards and objectives are paramount.

  • Continual support through delivery, manufacturing facility trials, and beyond.

  • We assure up front part feasibility through regular and consistent communication with our customers.

Customer Focused
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