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New Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Printer!

Hi-Tech Mold and Engineering Inc. takes delivery of its second metal

3D printer.  February 15, 2016 – Rochester Hills, Michigan


Hi-Tech Mold accepted delivery and began the installation of our second M290 machine built by EOS (Electro Optical Systems) GmbH.

This is the second such machine installed since 2014, and will add much needed capacity to our additive manufacturing operations.  

EOS M290 Printer
Tech Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering's Tech Center nears completion.  The facility and equipment upgrades advance our customers’ current mold validation needs and our future research and development goals.  As of March 2016, we are capable of up to 1000 US Tons of clamping force increasing to 3500 US Tons by April 2016.  With the addition of the large tonnage Engel machinery, we increase our capabilities from our previous 2000 US Ton limitation.  All of our new equipment is fully automated with modern control systems.  Our Tech Center is a model for Industry 4.0 initiatives.

 Engel victory 340
Injection Mold Machining Capabilities Position Hi-Tech for Success

In today’s tough economy, manufacturers face increasing pressure to cut costs and find every possible efficiency to stay competitive. For companies closely tied to the recession-pounded automotive industry, maintaining business as usual takes real effort—and thriving takes true vision.Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering Inc., headquartered in Rochester Hills, Mich., is one such company.


Founded in 1982 in Fraser, Mich., as a four-person injection mold machining shop..


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